Let’s talk about the weather….

Welcome to Winter in the Sandhills of North Carolina! It’s put a cramp in my riding style but I’m getting back at it  – come what may!

This past week we braved weather that has made it impossible if not merely ICKY to ride ..Last Saturday we showed three CANTER heese to some great people! Even in the freezing rain and blowing wind, and changed atmosphere of bringing them into the barn and into stalls – with strangers milling about, they were all very good! We showed Remda, Jersey, Wheatie, and Tarzan.  I also showed them Fortheloveofrita, who hadn’t been in work, really, but it was great exposure for her anyway.

Despite the lousy conditions our stars shined!

Remda has since been vetted and is going to his new home with our friend and CANTER volunteer Madeleine! She was very concerned about how quiet he would be – he’d only been ridden a few times so she asked me to hop on first.  So for his fifth ever ride since getting off the track – he was a perfect gentleman ! Madeleine has Evented through the Preliminary level in the past, but hasn’t ridden in a long time – we all know what that can do to our confidence and balance. But she caught the bug again while helping with the CANTER horses in Cameron – she wanted a horse who was quiet and patient with her as she “remembered how to ride!”  Remda totally rose to the occasion.  A quiet and no – nonsense boy, it was amazing to watch as Madeleine rode him and her confidence came back! I can’t wait to watch and help them realize their potential! Look for them at the spring and summer events  and shows around Southern Pines! I’m also thrilled to be riding Remda for her once in a while to keep him on the right track as she gets back in the swing of things!

Traci from Yadkinsville came to see Tarzan – let me tell you how rewarding it is to watch “my” babies go so well for strangers! He was totally relaxed – just one of his endearing qualities is the fact that his ears flop sideways when he’s happy and relaxed! How adorable is that?! Traci came back today to hack out with me and to get further proof of Tarzan’s awesomeness and quietness! We hacked around the farm in Cameron, NC.. and even had a canter across a field – because of the weather Tarzan hadn’t been ridden in nearly a week and his class and coolness shined through! Fingers crossed because this will be a great home for him – one where a very good rider will help him realize HIS full potential!! Yay!

In the meantime we’re thinking of the winter schooling days at the Carolina Horse Park to take a few for their first cross country schools.. and then maybe to the Pipe Opener starter events!

Allie just drove 2 three year old geldings down to Cameron so we can give them some much deserved TLC and attention! I’m figuring out that as sad as I am to see some of my beloved projects move on, there are more waiting in the wings!

If you’re interested in any of our youngsters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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1 Response to Let’s talk about the weather….

  1. Barbara Riddleberger says:

    I am SO excited for Madeleine and Remda. I must say when I put her in touch with you Suzanne I KNEW she would fall in love with one. She will be the very best mom to Remda and you will have a hoot helping her!! Hugs

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