You want Gingers? We got Gingers!!

The best thing about retraining horses for CANTER MidAtlantic is being able to witness the progress they make on a day-to-day basis. It may seem like they’re all the same.. diamonds in the rough being pulled out of a field to start our retraining program. But they are anything BUT numbers to us. Each one has a distinct personality, way of going, individual strengths and weaknesses.

A few weeks ago Allie took a video of how we typically start and assess a horse that just entering the program. The video below is my first ride on CMA Southern Review, a 5 year old 15.3 hand gelding. His pedigree is here:

“Revy” was a bit of a grouch when he arrived in North Carolina – he had the kind of attitude that made me wonder how he’d take to retraining. He was a bit of a bulldozer on the ground – would he be difficult to ride? He was a little herd-bound and distracted – would this translate into being distracted and unhappy while being ridden?

Well, I can wonder all I want but don’t really know until I hop on and have a go!  Here is the video of my first ride on CMA Southern Review:

Whadaya know??! Not bad at all! 🙂  What he lacked in steering he made up for in willingness and and trying to figure out what i wanted! Fast forward about 5 or 6 weeks.. Revy’s been hacking out with the fabulous and awesome CANTER assistant Jax Black and I’ve started to introduce some flatwork. The once crabby-appleton is as happy and obliging as a presidential candidate – ha!!

Here is a video of CMA Southern Review taken yesterday-after about a month of “training” and hacking out:

Who knew? Little Revy has a work ethic! And is fun and easy! Our big joke is “Oh NO! Another Crazy OTTB!” .. um , that’s just a joke, ok?

The sad part is that horses like Revy get sold on quickly and I can’t keep having fun with them! This week he’ll start jumping and I’ll be sure to post pictures!

Meanwhile CMA Bernard Terrace – aka Bernie – is breaking CUTENESS records all over the place!!

Standing about 15.3,  Bernie has gorgeous confirmation – he’s a grandson of Holy Bull.  The fact that his grandmother is named Bodacious Tatas is NOT the reason that I love him.. but it doesn’t hurt!!

He’s been ridden by several friends.. a dressage rider, a trail rider,  my niece, who is an eventer.. they all LOVED him. His canter is TO DIE FOR and I’ve said all along that when he was ready to start jumping he was going to be GREAT! (I hate being right all the time! ) He’s proven me right, and will go cross country schooling this next week!  OH! and he’s fancy on the flat, too!

So stay tuned for a post in the next week about Bernie and Revy and their introduction to jumping with official pictures and everything!!

CMA Southern Review is NOT an Appaloosa/TB cross that we pulled out of a field.. but his BUTT says otherwise!!

Thanks to Jax Black and Allie Conrad for the videos and pictures!! 🙂

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