The more things change…


Spring is definitely here and summer is just around the corner here in NC! Azaleas and dogwoods are almost finished blooming. Perfect weather for hacking out across the sandy countryside!

And in the midst of all this newness and green stuff and hope for a fun impeding summer we here at CANTER Midatlantic had some sad news this past week… Our beloved Jersey Boy who was purchased by a friend here in Southern Pines succumbed to colic and had to have surgery. During surgery it was found that he had an abnormality in the small intestine that could not have been found or was only a matter of time before it caused him trouble.. He came through the surgery great – and his prognosis for full recovery was excellent – and hopes were high. I was able to go and visit him last Sunday and was thrilled with how well he looked  Sadly, later that day he took a turn and sustained a twist in his intestine and there was nothing that could be done to save him.  Words can’t describe our heartache for this lovely young horse, his new owner, connections, their compassionate veterinarian, and the whole crew the farm where he lived. (Though its little consolation, thank goodness his owner had just insured him – so she was able to provide the care he needed when he needed it most – a sad reality, yes. But a very worthwhile investment when the unthinkable happens..)

We hope for the best.. and give them all the best chance for success.. and do what is best for each one individually… and while my heart aches for the loss of Jersey,  it swells with love and pride for the ones looking over the fence at me – hoping to be the next one, looking forward to their first XC school and whatever fate and the future has in store for them.

. Those that know me know I’m a one-man woman! But in the time I’ve been working with the CANTER horses I’ve found that I’m capable of loving more than one at a time -and when one leaves I fall in love with the next one immediately.

The CANTER horses are doing great – Burgiss has moved down to Aberdeen, started hacking out and is loving life. He’s a very sweet and quiet horse who apparently had ZERO interest in being a racehorses. I remember seeing him for the first time last august when I went up to MD to pick up CANTER horses.. Burg Hill had just come from the track and had just been gelded, poor guy. He was super cute then – as he is now. He gives the rider a very balanced and steady feeling. Because he is so uncomplicated I think he’ll go on to be a very versatile, athletic and FUN partner for whatever lucky person who takes him home. One of my favorite things about him is that EVERY time I go to get him out of the field to ride he nickers at me and comes up to me, ears pricked, very friendly and adorable. We’ve had quite a bit of interest in Burgiss lately. – naturally he lost a shoe and bruised his foot the day they wanted to see him free jump.   Isn’t that just like horses? ! The good news is that today he popped a huge abcess – yes, we love pus – and should be just fine in a few days!

Mazzie is going through a crazy growth spurt, which timed itself perfectly with her toe breaking off from an abcess that grew down from her coronet band.. she’s back in the rotation and loved going on a hack the other day with our friend Zoe Bennett, who has started helping me hack the babies out in pairs! Zoe loved Mazzie and it was great to be able to watch her with someone else riding – she’s so cute. Believe it or not she’s all legs now – yes, that’s right, the butterball is now a butterball on stilts! We’re changing her name to Mazerati because she’s a little, red sportscar!

Speaking of growth spurts, Hurry and Tommy are going through some weirdness too.. Hurry looks like his front end is standing in a hole he’s suddenly so butt high.. while Tommy looks like two men in a horse costume.. No wonder these guys weren’t successful on the racetrack.. being so physically immature.. Hurry is definitely going to be a big horse,  (16+ hands ) Tommy won’t be a giant horse (15.3)  but HOLEY MOLEY is he fancy. He’s got beautiful show hunter written all over him. Hurry is turning into quite the little tank – but an elegant tank – if that’s possible. He’s a lovely mover, and has been super easy to retrain. He has a cheeky streak – mainly when you put your leg on he’ll shake his head and say “NAH!” but then is all ‘oh ok.. i guess I can…”

Zippy has been sold and is and going to live in the heart of Virginia horse country. Congrats to Patricia, his new owner, who has the vision to look past the rough and see the diamond within! Oh, and when we said ‘you have to have this horse” she believed us! I can’t wait to hear updates about his training and progress.. I think he’s got a very bright shiny future ahead of him!

We’ve put Jester into the rotation, too! He’s a lovely 16.2 liver chestnut gelding with big movement and the look of an Eventer. I love his breeding, too. ATTENTION pedigree nerds! He’s out of an Allen’s Prospect mare – Allen’s Prospect was known for producing horses that jumped!  His first rides are proving that he is quiet and eager to learn – when he gets strong he is going to be amazing.

All of these horses are started  – come and see them!!! Feel free to send me questions about any of them.

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5 Responses to The more things change…

  1. tracy jefferson says:

    OH NO , Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear about Jersey.. I remember when he and Clayton “Tarzan” came to town and I got to meet them. I am just sitting here in tears… I am so sorry for his new owner… and wish her strength now…

    • suzannekonefal says:

      Thanks Tracy – we are all very sad. But he was very dearly loved by everyone around him – which is, after all, all he ever wanted. 🙂

  2. Patty says:

    Hi Suzanne
    What’s going on with Monster. I followed his training with Jess and hadn’t heard anything about him in a while.

    • suzannekonefal says:

      Hi Patty – Monster is doing great – and looks fantastic. He had a nasty abcess that popped out his coronet band.. and grew down (as they do..) and finally broke off a big chunk of his toe. . he’s back in light work to get him going and so far so good. He seems very grown up to me – more so than when he came to NC and that was the reason to send him here.. to let him grow u a bit. He was a bit off on the foot when the chunk broke off but that has all but gone away and he’ll start hacking around the farm in Cameron now – I’m not a huge believer in tons of circles for the babies! 🙂 Hey maybe its time for Monster to have his own blog post..! Look for one soon at THIS SITE! 🙂

  3. eventer79 says:

    I’d love to hear more about Jester — I just saw him in the listings and kept coming back to him over and over and over as he is built beautifully. Can you please train him to pay his own board so he can come and live with me????

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