About CANTER in the Carolinas

CANTER Mid Atlantic is excited to announce their expansion to North Carolina! We’ll be blogging here to keep everybody up with events in the area, and horses in training. Stay tuned for more.

4 Responses to About CANTER in the Carolinas

  1. Barrie Walker says:

    I am relocating from the SoCal location of CANTER to South Carolina. Do you know if the Charleston area would benefit from CANTER? I have experience in retraining and even owning a CANTER rescue. While there, I will be going back to school to become a Vet Tech (never too late, I suppose) and eventually be able to offer rehabilitation using prior experience as well and a GameReady unit and UltraSonic. Thanks!

  2. Maggie Hawks says:

    Hi! It is very nice to hear that Canter has expanded to NC! I am very excited about that. I would love to help in some way. I greatly enjoy Thoroughbreds and I would love to gain experience working and rehoming them. Where are you located? Do you accept volunteers?


  3. Amanda Fusco says:

    I am SUPER excited that you are in North Carolina!! My husband and I would love to help you expand into South Carolina, I am unfamiliar with the steps to start, but would love to help as soon as possible. I have been, riding, owning and caring for horses for over 22 years. Looking forward to hearing from you! Best wishes and congrats for helping these horses!

  4. Tony Spell says:

    We rescued a ottb from a terrible situation got him back in shape and was riding him he needs more training than we can give him so he can find a good home. Please contact me I need advice.

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