Spa Day for the CANTER horses! (and other stuff)

A real life SPA DAY happened at the CANTER MidAtlantic farm in Cameron NC recently. Sand was knocked off, tail dredlocks were unlocked, and wild mustang manes were pulled. A pull here, a brush there and the shaggies were transformed into the sexies! My favorite part of working the the CANTER heese is when the ugly duckling transforms into the swan.

OMG -CMA Fabulous Jada just did a perfect Bend and SNAP!

 Above: Rhett isn’t impressed with the Barber Shop

Below: Beckham thinks long hair is kewl..

Rhett is actually very sweet and just didn’t feel like having his picture taken on this day! HA! He makes up for the crabby with how well he’s put together, though, don’t you agree??

Below: Ruthie sez “quick! take a picture! Gracie is being a good dog! PS why,  yes i AM gorgeous, thank you very much!”

Soon after the Spa Day Jada came to live with Clive to start CMA Boot Camp! She’s been there one full week and has hacked out by herself and with company. She’s crossed the legendary “creepy creek” without issue, and has started over teeny tiny cross rails! She loves having personal attention and is basking in the adoration of the boys in the paddocks on both sides of her. She’s such a princess and that is no lie! Everything is new to her and she just takes it all in stride.

And my good boy Clive recently passed the Amateur Test!! Our friend Madeleine hopped on him, did a little flatwork and even jumped an X or two!  Rewarding? Oh yeah!

In closing.. Gracie and Chip – two of CANTER MidAtlantic’s biggest fans!

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