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What does YOUR Thoroughbred want to be??

A few months ago a bunch of brave horses (and riders) tackled the Rolex Kent 3de.. the biggest event in the land.. among the entries were several ** OTTB’s.. among them parker, cAN’T fire me, Donner et.c.. These horses, who … Continue reading

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You want Gingers? We got Gingers!!

The best thing about retraining horses for CANTER MidAtlantic is being able to witness the progress they make on a day-to-day basis. It may seem like they’re all the same.. diamonds in the rough being pulled out of a field … Continue reading

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Spa Day for the CANTER horses! (and other stuff)

A real life SPA DAY happened at the CANTER MidAtlantic farm in Cameron NC recently. Sand was knocked off, tail dredlocks were unlocked, and wild mustang manes were pulled. A pull here, a brush there and the shaggies were transformed into … Continue reading

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Dear Clive, you are not the Decider ( but it can still be fun!)

I’m terribly remiss in my blogging.. I ride more than I write. We’ve been so lucky to have seen a bunch of horses off to their new homes and careers the last few months  Mazzie, Hurry, Cadence, Casey, Bid, Jester, Bolt, Tommy and Wheatie..and … Continue reading

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The more things change…

BUSY BUSY.. Spring is definitely here and summer is just around the corner here in NC! Azaleas and dogwoods are almost finished blooming. Perfect weather for hacking out across the sandy countryside! And in the midst of all this newness … Continue reading

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Daylight Spending Time!

With Daylight Savings time I always think I’ll have tons more time to get things done during the day- in reality I only just get MORE busy! 🙂 Things are going great with the CANTER horses here in NC.. Jersey … Continue reading

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Wild Jersey Boy becomes a Wild Sporthorse Boy!

We took Wild Jersey Boy to his first ever cross country school this past weekend.  The time was right – lots of hacking and walking over fallen trees and logs in the woods, walking through creeks and into ponds, and … Continue reading

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