Getting into a Rhythm

Hi folks, here’s the latest news ! We’ve put a few of the Cameron cutenesses into work last week! We decided that so many were ready for a job – and it would be great to have a handful “going” so that we can tell people about them when they inquire!

This is Sonny-

Sonny has settled in down to Aberdeen hanging with Tippy and getting ridden there! He’s become MR Personality since starting his retraining. He waits at the gait and runs up to me in the field. What a transformation – this is a horse that was quite aloof in Cameron.. and is now very enthusiastic and interested in work!  He has already gone on a trip to the Foundation with 5 other horses and was very good – he has jumped little logs and a small cross rail and so far is NOT impressed!  His flatwork is coming along, he goes really well in a nathe bit.  We went for a hack over the weekend and our friend Yvonne rode him – and she loved him. It is wonderful to see others get on the babies and have them be so relaxed and happy. We have a few people who have inquired about Sonny – so we’ll be showing him to them in the next weeks!

Lady Wheaton-

We always say a good mare is worth their weight in gold! The photo above is her “before” picture taken when she just arrived! She is fat and fluffy now! New photos will be posted soon !

I already have the feeling that Wheatie is just such a special girl. She is a pretty, lovely moving mare ( or is she a filly? just 3 years old!) – She is a dark bay with a blaze and three white socks.  We have been doing a little ring work –just walk, trot, canter- then we typically go on a little walk just around the paddocks.. a mini-hack.. which she found especially fun the other day as the wind was gusting. J  She is very happy to have a job, though.  As with all of them I try to establish a routine of some sort, so that they know what to expect in these early weeks. Of course, this depends but we’ve been known to take green beans on trips to the Foundation straight away! After I rode Lady Wheaton the first time she strutted back to the paddock like she was Naomi Campbell on the catwalk –  So, we’ll be doing very light work in the ring to get her going and do lots of hacking around to build her balance and strength.  She will be moving down to Aberdeen at the end of the week so it will be very easy to get her out and about and start her over little fences!


Jersey is in love with his boyfriend Tarzan – so he likes to make squealing noises while I ride him which make me laugh out loud. Jersey is about 16 hands tall but with a great build – or he will have when his topline gets built up. (he’s  a 4 year old plain bay he has about 12 white hairs on his forehead!)  He’s a bit cheeky, which I think is funny since we call his friend  “Tarzan” and HE’S the one that acts like a monkey!  But so far it has been all just “talk”.  He has a sweet temperament, and has already shown remarkable movement and natural balance. When he settles into work he’s just super!  Because he has an active little brain I think just hacking out more than anything resembling real work will be really great for him and so I want to focus on that.  I want him to keep thinking his life is FUN!

This is Tarzan – he’s a quiet big boy who I think is going to be VERY special! He has such a quiet mind and desire to please! He has just learned to stretch down and its becoming his favorite thing to do. I love riding him.


If you have any questions about these horses, do get in touch!



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