Zippy – de – doo da… Zippy – dee yaaa!

I’d like to share this fantastic article written by our friend Stephanie Diaz, scribe of all things equestrian here in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Not only is she a great horsewoman, she’s a brilliant writer as well.

This past weekend was Nature’s mean way of saying, “Hey, remember Spring? Well it ain’t here just yet..but here’s a little tease ” We had a fantastic weekend of riding, pulling a few manes, and spontaneously showing horses!

Allie and I had been wanting to take a couple of horses to the Moss Foundation and thought Jersey would really benefit from another nice outing – with a bit of atmosphere of having other horses around, too. We parked at Denny Emerson’s Tamarack farm, to hack from there into the Foundation. On the way we walked past his ring where he was teaching a jumping lesson to several riders. There were other horses hanging about, having finished their lessons, horses jumping, and a small group of people.  It was a great opportunity to say Hello and to mosey around a ring filled with brightly colored jumps,  including some adorned with the remains of this year’s Emerson Christmas tree  – in a nutshell – lots to look at!

Denny invited us into the ring to trot around and since I assume you pretty much never don’t do what he asks, I went ahead and started trotting Jersey around the ring, through the jumps, between the other horses.  This was Trip Off The Farm #2 and.. we quickly found out that just one trip off the farm is all it took.  Jersey Boy thought it was NO biggie and was nearly the most relaxed I’d ever felt him be. He is one of the nicest young horses I’ve ever ridden let alone trained. ( I think I might have mentioned before that I LOVE him…) They loved him, too! – naturally – and it was very rewarding to see him rise to the occasion in their midst! Nice to know we’re on the right track with our youngsters!

Meanwhile up in Cameron, Zippy has decided that HE is the next in line for training.

One of the things CANTER tries to instill in the TB racing industry is the responsible ownership of horses. Owners that genuinely care about their horses after their racing days are over, when they start to show signs of being not that interested or have the talent for  racing  – it is THIS type of owner, combined with great trainers and good exercise riders, that make the future of these horses bright. and opens the possibilities up for them for their future careers. OH, and it makes our job re-homing them so much easier!

The way a horse is first started, and then ridden daily by exercisers and jockeys – is very apparent the first time we get on them to start retraining.  Though they might not bend all that much or “go on the bit” or move laterally just yet…it is easy to tell when the BASICS are clearly there.

Zippy is just such a horse. While he may look a bit rough at the moment, living out, a little furry. He has been perfect to ride from the first time I pulled him out of the field, threw the tack on him, and hopped on to evaluate his awesomeness. He is undergoing our Spa Treatment this week and loves being groomed and generally gussied up! He has a beautiful face, and personality to go with it.

The first thing I noticed is that Zippy gave me the feel of a horse that is GOING to be a big boy. When his frame fills out and he finishes growing – he’s only just turned 4 – he should be at least 16.1.. A very elegant, dark bay gelding is IN THERE – you just have to look.. and use your imagination.

His trot is lovely – a big swinging step – free in the shoulder with a strong back. he carries himself straightly and evenly. He is “broke” to the leg – by that I mean he doesn’t scoot forward if you give a little kick, and you don’t have to work hard to GET him to move. It’s just easy. The first time I asked him to canter I don’t know which surprised (and delighted) me more, the fact that he stepped RIGHT into the correct lead immediately, or the fact that his canter was so balanced, rocking-horse rhythmic and fantastic that I was nearly speechless. (and I’m almost NEVER speechless!) 🙂  He canters easily and lightly with a loop in the reins, the rhythm and balance never changes.  His canter makes it easy to imagine a fence in front of him.

After three rides, he is starting to accept contact with the bit and LOVES to stretch down  -long and low is his new best friend. Horses tend to want to do things that feel good so if stretching down feels good to him now then that is FINE with me. When his topline develops – and we know it will – I can’t think of any limits  for this lovely boy. Kudos for Zippy’s former owners, and to all of the owners of racehorses who want to give their horses a chance for a career after the racetrack. We, at CANTER, thank you for our opportunity to take them to the next level.

We’ll get some pictures of Zippy this week.  I really look forward to sharing his retraining and development!

WANTED: true horsemen/women who can see through the sort of relative scruffy appearance of a young ex-racehorse, just a few months off the track.  Those who can look at a diamond in the rough and see the many facets waiting to be polished. Those who recognize how hard a green horse tries to figure out what us crazy people want, and appreciates the kindness and genuineness they exhibit. ONLY those who can see the amazing and astonishing potential of a beautiful horse, before the gloss, muscle and experience make it easy to see…need apply.

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Field trip to the Carolina Horse Park!!

WAHOO! Our trip to the Horse Park on Sunday was a raving success! The ponies – Vida and Jersey – were REALLY good. Nothing unexpected – and everything perfectly reasonable for babies never off the “farm” (unless they were racing)! The cool part is through the power of facebook, and our own big mouths, a lot of people, including upper level riders, knew we were there with CANTER horses, and were watching our babies go. This is really rewarding, of course, and reinforces that we are on the right track, and have quality horses for all levels of riders.

I didn’t know what to expect, after all these are just babies who haven’t gone and seen a lot. But at the same time I know them and didn’t really expect any bad behavior. They didn’t disappoint at all, in fact we left the park with huge smiles on our faces and totally full of pride!

Jersey was the most “on his toes” of the two – He was the first one I got on – so it was still a little chilly out, bless his body-clipped little heart! But nothing completely out of the ordinary for him. He hacked from the trailers really well, and quietly. Once in the warm ups was when his eyes started popping!  He sometimes takes a few minutes to work in and settle, and this was one of those times.  He was basically just a little tense but TRIED so hard to hold it together – it was adorable! 🙂 Lots of snorting and toe flipping! It helped him relax to have a canter instead of just trotting around so we cantered in the jumping warm-up with people coming at him and he didn’t bat an eye. He just needed some convincing that there wasn’t a starting gate out there somewhere but after another outing I think he’ll be pretty sure that life is all behind him.  The learning experience wasn’t just for the horses, though. I really was able to see a whole new side of them, and to take away a what I need to work on more with each one, as well as what to work on less!

He’s one of those horses that no one would look twice at when he was standing in a field. His work in the last month or so has really built up his topline, developed his movement, and he’s suddenly a very sturdy and athletic sporthorse type. I think he has the look and talent to be an excellent eventing partner for some lucky person and be the super-star that I believe he is!

Jersey says “How YOU dooin…?”

Vida was next up. I hopped on at the trailer and she was all” ho hum” about the whole deal…

Once we got into the atmosphere of the warm-ups and rings she woke up a bit – looking around like the JUST TURNED 4yo that she is but then settled right in and was very professional about the whole thing! I did a little w-t-c in the dressage warm-up. She also turned quite a few heads – she is SO cute!  I feel like an amazon on her but I was reassured that it doesn’t look that way, but she’s so agile I feel like I’m on a unicycle sometimes! WEEEE!  Before we were finished I tooled her around the jump warm-up and she was like, ‘oh ok, this is kewl!” She’s going to be a quick study for the lucky person who takes her home – She’ll be suitable for a variety of disciplines, too, I think – show hunters, a little eventing, whatevs!

“I feel pretty… oh so pretty..!”

Both were super good – no spooking, silliness or shenanigans.  So proud of them – next time we’ll cross country school a couple!

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They grow up so fast!

So much has been going on that it is hard to single out one thing.. or even ten things to write about.. all the ponies are SO good. They amaze me every day at how smart they are, what sponges they are for learning, and how much fun they are to ride.

Since I last shared the cuteness with cyber world not only did we sell Tarzan, and Rocket we sold Sonrea to our friend Mari in Southern Pines who LOVES him and who is having a blast bringing him along. Here are some pictures of him with Mari – who is SO pleased with how much stronger he’s getting and how smart and willing he is! Yay Sonny! And congrats Mari!

Here he is being adorable in the scary covered arena with Mari last week during our NC ice storm!

Jersey  – with whom I will go ahead and confess right here and now –  I am in forbidden love  – I LOVE, I mean LOVE him. He continues to surprise and delight me every day.  Ok I take it back that I called him cheeky and a monkey, and naughty ! He is such a good boy…mostly! He still has his moments but he’s so talented that I don’t care! His move down to Aberdeen has had the same effect as it has had on every horse that has followed this routine.. I get them going up in Cameron at the farm there and they are really pretty good. but seem distracted, sometimes and not quite “there.” I never feel that we have their full attention and if they do something good:well, it feels like it is almost accidental. Once they make the move down to the farm in Aberdeen where I can step up their work a bit an amazing transformation occurs.  It is as if they finally believe that their life has changed and their minds become much more business-like. I get their attention, and they are SPONGES. I think it has a ton to do with the relaxed atmosphere, and the heaps of hacking out we do. To them, it is so much more like fun and much less like work.

Jersey is a delight to ride and seriously one of the nicest horses I’ve ever sat on. And I’ve sat on a few nice ones.   I originally rode him in a nathe – I do that with a lot of the CANTER horses since it is not uncommon for them to be a bit hard in the mouth and stiff through their necks and polls, not to mention they have no idea why I’m asking them to push into the bit, but not go faster!

He was good in the nathe but it was just too thick for his precious little mouth and I decided to put him in a plain old D-ring snaffle.. something that would slide around a little more in his mouth, but was still pretty mild. WHAT a difference! Suddenly he became very steady in the bridle, still very soft, in fact I have to be careful he doesn’t curl – but he’s way steadier, which has allowed him to get stronger through his topline, through his back and holy crap so lovely to ride!  TICKTICKTICK is how he trots =like a metronome, a big step, his back swings, and it is impossible not to smile. ( shocking! I know!) If I can’t keep him for my self he will go only to the most special of homes. (doesn’t hurt to mention that when I gave him a full body clip today so he looks as fabulous as he IS – he stood like a gentleman for it! )

This is Jersey the very first time I rode him in November: you can see the lovely movement but he’s not through and using his back… yet…

And here he was yesterday:

He’s so much stronger through his back – not to mention a sexy topline is now visible! WHEW did I mention I love him? I think I might have…

If you haven’t already – please read Allie’s account of the new horses at the farm in Cameron. (the blog post before this one) Not only is it funny and spot-on – she shares her usual amazing pictures!

Mazzie is making leaps and bounds in her training. I get up to Cameron at least 4-5 times a week and she is loving having a job! She’s really turned a corner strength-wise and and maturity-wise, too . No more squealing for her friend Lady Wheaton who basically runs around in protest of her friend being ridden, or she organizes the other fillies in the field and they stand like a group of “Heathers” judging the action. Mazzie is a serious butter ball – only 15. 2 or 15.3 at the moment –but at “just” turning 4 years old she has a TON of growing to do. Her mind is awesome and quiet but physically she is pretty much a baby – her withers are not present at ALL! I feel like my saddle is strapped to a barrel! Any extra weight on one stirrup and I’ll slide off the side of her! Check out the picture of Mazzie that Allie took on Sunday. Adorable! She’s going to end up a lot bigger than we thought I think. She is just starting to jump and will be super easy and keen!

Vida – Super Vida (formerly called Rita) is growing up too. She ‘s been hacking out a bunch and doing  some flatwork, too.  Her back end is getting strong and she’s able to carry herself more and more each day and is “getting” the idea of going on the bit. She is SO pretty, and very fancy – I could definitely see her cleaning up in the Hunter Ring or as an Eventer, or the cutest pony club horse EVER. She just needs the right person to take her to the next level. She did flatwork yesterday and her lateral work is getting better – by that I mean when I ask her to move to the left – she actually moves LEFT instead of pushing INTO my right leg! Today she went on a hack by herself and I never picked up the reins. On the buckle the whole time.

Burgiss is an adorable just turned 4 year old gelding by Muktadim. ( if you know how to pronounce that name please tell me! ) I’ve ridden another horse by this stallion and Burgiss has the same gorgeous face, uphill build and athletic movement that I remember. He was very quiet for his first ride, but he’s a gorgeous mover, and I am really looking forward to getting him going and seeing him become a great Event horse. He’s about 16 hands now, but I think he’ll get a bit bigger. His second ride today was short and sweet – just trotting  and starting the very beginning of bending which at this stage of the game is hard for him. He needs a lot of strength but early indications are that he is going to “get it” pretty quick. – when he finally stretched down you could feel his whole body relax and swing. I love it when that happens! Someone better snatch this boy up quick!

Tommy is one of the ones that just came off the track a month or so ago – they came down here to enjoy some TLC and warmer weather (well, before last week anyway! ) He’s packed on weight and now its time to add some muscle to his adorable frame. He’s a compact model, a gorgeous bay with a huge star and snip (I love a snip!) Another no nonsense boy who will be very happy to have a job. His second ride today was great. He is quiet but is going to be a great horse for a rider who likes an athletic partner. True to his name (Wild Dixie Cat) he is going to be a quick and agile sporthorse.

Monster was started by Jessica Morthole up in Delaware and she did an AWESOME job with this young and GROWING boy! He needed some time to grow up so he came down here for us to continue his training and show him to our friends in NC. He was fantastic for my first ride on him. We turned him out in the ring to just watch him move around and play and PLAY he did! Allie got some amazing pictures of him busting his moves – athletic doesn’t begin to describe him! Acrobatic is more like it! He’s a BIG boy – in body AND mind – and has the movement to go with it. Today he did a little bit of w-t-c just to get our routine established. This horse could go and do anything!

Please let us know if you’re interested in any of these young, beautiful and talented horses – you KNOW you are!

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It’s the New Year!

Jester taking it all in

Ok, so it’s been the New Year for a few weeks now, but it seems like life is just one big whirlwind lately.  Thankfully Suzanne has been keeping everybody up to date on the goings-ons down here in the Sandhills of North Carolina.

When I started this blog, I had every intention of being a regular participant–weaving the day to day operations of what it takes to run a Thoroughbred rehoming group, combined with the big thoughts I have about horse life in general.  Turns out the job, life and running the program takes all of my free time.  I’m re-committed though, rest-assured!

So, the program here continues to mature every day.  We started out very slowly and small, and now have a bonafide “program” in place.  The horses are all doing well and we are selling them into new homes on a very regular basis.  Without much in the way of advertising, we are also making quite a name for ourselves and regularly hear the phrase “I hear you’re the people to talk to for nice thoroughbreds!”. We love that!

Recently as Suzanne mentioned, we sold a bunch of horses–Remda, Tarzan, Sonny to name a few.  This made room for some new horses and they are such a quality bunch! Today we went up to show the farm and it’s residents to some friends and Suzanne climbed on a bunch of the newbies.  I played–as my role has now evolved into–horse fetcher, holder, tacker-upper and hold-stiller-while-getting-onner.  I am good at this job.  After so many years of plugging along at getting one horse at a time retrained, Suzanne and I have quite a machine of multiple horses going! Ok, Suzanne has them going, I just write the checks, pray for donations and take the pictures 🙂

Ok, enough rambling–I’ll get to the fun stuff–the pictures!

Burgiss is cute!

Burgiss was donated out after failing miserably at Racehorse 101.  With three races under his belt and a whopping $650 in the kitty, he was sent to CANTER after convincing the trainer that racing was no fun and he would rather sit around and smell the roses.  His manhood was chopped from his body and he was officially retired.  Since those three races, he hadn’t been ridden at all, and today he was a STAR! this is going to be a lovely horse for someone who wants an easy but athletic, solid guy.  He needs some muscle and strength, but all the right instincts are there.


Hey Ya’ll! Meet Tommy!  this little guy is Fayyyynnnceeeeee!  He’s so new he’s not even on our site yet.  He’s a four year old who is super quiet, happy to be around people, and such a pretty mover.  He’s another who is very weak behind, but he’ll come along quick.  Watch for updates on this cutiepie!



Monster picks up where he left off

Moving on, we stuck Suzanne up on Monster who was up at Jessica’s place over the summer, but went through a major growth spurt so we kicked him out with the herd for a while so he could even out.  Well, he evened up, AND OUT! OMG is he fat.  Didn’t miss a beat though, and clocked around the ring like a professional. Did I mention we have a nice lineup of horses or WHAT!?

But wait! There’s more!

Jester is not quite ready for work

We brought Jester out to see how he was doing.  Lovely type and BIG! and pleasant, and sweet, and polite.  He just got his shoes pulled so he was doing his best imitation of a cripply horse, so he’ll get some more time off until he is feeling up to a job.

I should have taken a video for before/after because it is so unbelievably drastic.  Next time 🙂




Mazzey was next, and ohmigooooodness!  Which tiny person do we know that needs one of these?  I mean, do they GET CUTER!?

Mazzey corners the market on cute

And she jumps!

Ok, believe it or not I’ve got MORE horses! But I must end this before I fall over from the tired. I’ll be back, I promise! And we’ll get Suzanne to tell us all about riding these guys.


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Jersey Boy goes to the head of the class!

Happy New Year to everyone!

The new year hasn’t changed a whole lot at this end – to me it is a non-stop learning process – about how to manage horses, how to show them, deal with pre-purchase exams, saying Goodbye – saying Hello! and keep the routine as routine as possible!

Three lovely CANTER horses went to their forever homes in the past few weeks. Huge congratulations to Mari from Southern Pines, NC, Madeleine from Pinehurst, NC and Traci, from Yadkinsville, NC  who welcomed Sonrea, King Remda and Lord Greystoke into their lives respectively! So far – all reports are of stellar 4 year olds who are happy, quiet and calm and loving every minute of building new relationships with their new people.  It translates the BEST in their own words!

Traci’s update about Tarzan:

Hi Suzanne,
Merry Christmas! Wanted to give you the up date on Tarzan. So I got him home on Tuesday and he was very good. Decided to go ahead and ride him on Wed. The wind was howling and it was a bit cool. I hand walked him around the ring one time and then decided to get on. He was much more forward than when I tried him down there, but still a very good boy. There was one other horse in the ring with us. I thought the company might be good for him. We walked trotted and canter both directions. I never got the floppy ears, but that would have been asking for a lot on his first day. He was a very good boy and I am so proud of him. So today I got to ride again. The wind was blowing just to hard on Thursday to ride. I had company once again. We started out in the ring and did our walk trot and canter. Once again he was more forward but also more relaxed this time. We decided to head out into the field to walk out there. He was sooooooo good. He wanted to go first and was very brave. His head was up and he was looking around and sniffing the air alot. I have to say that he really feels like a big horse when he is out in the field and walking out. Wow what a stride! We walked all over and he didn’t mind our little pond. But when we got to the jumps in the field he was looking at them hard. So I told him we had to go and touch them. He was sooo good once again. Very brave but telling me he was unsure. I just tried to sit deep and wrap my legs around him to encourage him to go take a look at everything. He try’s so hard and has such a big heart. As we were walking back to the barn he was picking up the pace. I thought we were back at the races, at the walk. HA HA! Wow what a big stride he has. I can’t wait to see what it will be like when he has muscle and is strong. He is a very good boy and we are getting to know each other. I will have to get use to him being more forward. Oh, and he loves going over the poles on the ground in the ring. And he even tired to eat one of the flowers off the flower box. That was just to funny.
Thanks again for all your help and have a very Merry Christmas. I hope all the horses are well. Take care and I will send you more up dates soon.

And from Madeleine:

Had the BEST ride on Remda today !! Hate to be a bore…but ,I’m still happy….both of our light bulbs went off and we figured out how to get what we wanted !!! Its been a long time for me and brand new to him…. but now, I get an arena length of round, relaxed down, back up trot ( hard to post to on him) and he got me to stop asking with my hands. 🙂 He just prefers very little contact, so I get it now, and I will work with that. Then, we decided we would head straight into the woods for our first trail ride . We went out alone and no problems ! He marched right ahead and loved it ! What a good guy 🙂 I’m very lucky.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me – and how rewarding it is – to read these words about our horses. Such lovely animals, such AWESOME new owners and partners for them. YAY!

Vida, the filly formerly known as Frita/Rita, is going awesome.  Not only is she a joy to work with, but has the brain we all dream of. Oh, did I mention she’s put together also like a dream? And moves awesome, too. She’s just hacking out now- and by that I mean w-t-c in the woods, through water and, um, in the dark! Hey, when you hack out at 4:30 in January it sometimes gets dark before you get home! She’s terrific, and we’re very excited for her future.

Tommy and Hurry – the two horses Allie brought down from Maryland a few weeks ago =are doing great! They weren’t the ones she planned on bringing – they were just a few weeks off the track – but the lifestyle of turnout and snow wasn’t agreeing with them. She decided to bring them down to our warmer climate – and to where we could keep a close eye on them.  First was to pull their racing plates, which made their feet WAY more comfortable. Then put blankets on so they didn’t have to work so hard to keep warm. In two weeks they both have light in their eyes and are happy and packing on the pounds. Both are 3 year old geldings, adorable boys, and in a month or two will be starting their retraining. Maybe sooner since they are getting fatter and happier by the day!

Since our inventory has been depleted in the past few weeks I’ve started working with Mazzie again- who, since she is a young 3 year old, we gave more time to to let her grow a bit more – she’s grown at least 2 inches since she arrived in the summer and is ready to start hacking out and having some fun!  I’ve been on her a few times and she has been  foot perfect.  At first we just walked and trotted a bit in the ring – and even trotted over a pole on the ground between jump standards which didn’t bother her in the least! Today she did more of the same with the same great results. She is very forward, sensitive and things jumping little crossrails is the coolest thing ever. She moves better by the day and is going to be a fancy little sportscar for some lucky person! Can’t wait to report more on how she progresses!

And now to the head of the class! Jersey is a changed man since the departure of his beloved Tarzan – He is way more serious about his work and even though I was gone for 5 days for Christmas – he went on a very quiet hack yesterday all by his lonesome -and even trotted and cantered out in an open field without batting an eye! Such a good boy – So looking forward to moving him to Aberdeen where the hacking is endless – that way he’ll have something to engage his active little brain!  He is a pretty lazy boy so I am looking for ways to make his feet move as fast as his mind!  I “made” Allie get on just to trot around so she would understand why I gush and go on and on about how nice he is to ride! Naturally she instantly got it and I got to drool over my adorable, fancy boy! All this aside, he is also a cheeky little monkey so he definitely keeps me on my toes for the sudden spook – he’s way more interested in things going on around him than in his work.   As he gets more broke and used to hacking out I think he’ll keep his eyes on his OWN paper and the silliness will dimish.. a little anyway. 🙂

More horses coming down to North Carolina on Wednesday! Yay!

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Let’s talk about the weather….

Welcome to Winter in the Sandhills of North Carolina! It’s put a cramp in my riding style but I’m getting back at it  – come what may!

This past week we braved weather that has made it impossible if not merely ICKY to ride ..Last Saturday we showed three CANTER heese to some great people! Even in the freezing rain and blowing wind, and changed atmosphere of bringing them into the barn and into stalls – with strangers milling about, they were all very good! We showed Remda, Jersey, Wheatie, and Tarzan.  I also showed them Fortheloveofrita, who hadn’t been in work, really, but it was great exposure for her anyway.

Despite the lousy conditions our stars shined!

Remda has since been vetted and is going to his new home with our friend and CANTER volunteer Madeleine! She was very concerned about how quiet he would be – he’d only been ridden a few times so she asked me to hop on first.  So for his fifth ever ride since getting off the track – he was a perfect gentleman ! Madeleine has Evented through the Preliminary level in the past, but hasn’t ridden in a long time – we all know what that can do to our confidence and balance. But she caught the bug again while helping with the CANTER horses in Cameron – she wanted a horse who was quiet and patient with her as she “remembered how to ride!”  Remda totally rose to the occasion.  A quiet and no – nonsense boy, it was amazing to watch as Madeleine rode him and her confidence came back! I can’t wait to watch and help them realize their potential! Look for them at the spring and summer events  and shows around Southern Pines! I’m also thrilled to be riding Remda for her once in a while to keep him on the right track as she gets back in the swing of things!

Traci from Yadkinsville came to see Tarzan – let me tell you how rewarding it is to watch “my” babies go so well for strangers! He was totally relaxed – just one of his endearing qualities is the fact that his ears flop sideways when he’s happy and relaxed! How adorable is that?! Traci came back today to hack out with me and to get further proof of Tarzan’s awesomeness and quietness! We hacked around the farm in Cameron, NC.. and even had a canter across a field – because of the weather Tarzan hadn’t been ridden in nearly a week and his class and coolness shined through! Fingers crossed because this will be a great home for him – one where a very good rider will help him realize HIS full potential!! Yay!

In the meantime we’re thinking of the winter schooling days at the Carolina Horse Park to take a few for their first cross country schools.. and then maybe to the Pipe Opener starter events!

Allie just drove 2 three year old geldings down to Cameron so we can give them some much deserved TLC and attention! I’m figuring out that as sad as I am to see some of my beloved projects move on, there are more waiting in the wings!

If you’re interested in any of our youngsters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Getting into a Rhythm

Hi folks, here’s the latest news ! We’ve put a few of the Cameron cutenesses into work last week! We decided that so many were ready for a job – and it would be great to have a handful “going” so that we can tell people about them when they inquire!

This is Sonny-

Sonny has settled in down to Aberdeen hanging with Tippy and getting ridden there! He’s become MR Personality since starting his retraining. He waits at the gait and runs up to me in the field. What a transformation – this is a horse that was quite aloof in Cameron.. and is now very enthusiastic and interested in work!  He has already gone on a trip to the Foundation with 5 other horses and was very good – he has jumped little logs and a small cross rail and so far is NOT impressed!  His flatwork is coming along, he goes really well in a nathe bit.  We went for a hack over the weekend and our friend Yvonne rode him – and she loved him. It is wonderful to see others get on the babies and have them be so relaxed and happy. We have a few people who have inquired about Sonny – so we’ll be showing him to them in the next weeks!

Lady Wheaton-

We always say a good mare is worth their weight in gold! The photo above is her “before” picture taken when she just arrived! She is fat and fluffy now! New photos will be posted soon !

I already have the feeling that Wheatie is just such a special girl. She is a pretty, lovely moving mare ( or is she a filly? just 3 years old!) – She is a dark bay with a blaze and three white socks.  We have been doing a little ring work –just walk, trot, canter- then we typically go on a little walk just around the paddocks.. a mini-hack.. which she found especially fun the other day as the wind was gusting. J  She is very happy to have a job, though.  As with all of them I try to establish a routine of some sort, so that they know what to expect in these early weeks. Of course, this depends but we’ve been known to take green beans on trips to the Foundation straight away! After I rode Lady Wheaton the first time she strutted back to the paddock like she was Naomi Campbell on the catwalk –  So, we’ll be doing very light work in the ring to get her going and do lots of hacking around to build her balance and strength.  She will be moving down to Aberdeen at the end of the week so it will be very easy to get her out and about and start her over little fences!


Jersey is in love with his boyfriend Tarzan – so he likes to make squealing noises while I ride him which make me laugh out loud. Jersey is about 16 hands tall but with a great build – or he will have when his topline gets built up. (he’s  a 4 year old plain bay he has about 12 white hairs on his forehead!)  He’s a bit cheeky, which I think is funny since we call his friend  “Tarzan” and HE’S the one that acts like a monkey!  But so far it has been all just “talk”.  He has a sweet temperament, and has already shown remarkable movement and natural balance. When he settles into work he’s just super!  Because he has an active little brain I think just hacking out more than anything resembling real work will be really great for him and so I want to focus on that.  I want him to keep thinking his life is FUN!

This is Tarzan – he’s a quiet big boy who I think is going to be VERY special! He has such a quiet mind and desire to please! He has just learned to stretch down and its becoming his favorite thing to do. I love riding him.


If you have any questions about these horses, do get in touch!



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