They grow up so fast!

So much has been going on that it is hard to single out one thing.. or even ten things to write about.. all the ponies are SO good. They amaze me every day at how smart they are, what sponges they are for learning, and how much fun they are to ride.

Since I last shared the cuteness with cyber world not only did we sell Tarzan, and Rocket we sold Sonrea to our friend Mari in Southern Pines who LOVES him and who is having a blast bringing him along. Here are some pictures of him with Mari – who is SO pleased with how much stronger he’s getting and how smart and willing he is! Yay Sonny! And congrats Mari!

Here he is being adorable in the scary covered arena with Mari last week during our NC ice storm!

Jersey  – with whom I will go ahead and confess right here and now –  I am in forbidden love  – I LOVE, I mean LOVE him. He continues to surprise and delight me every day.  Ok I take it back that I called him cheeky and a monkey, and naughty ! He is such a good boy…mostly! He still has his moments but he’s so talented that I don’t care! His move down to Aberdeen has had the same effect as it has had on every horse that has followed this routine.. I get them going up in Cameron at the farm there and they are really pretty good. but seem distracted, sometimes and not quite “there.” I never feel that we have their full attention and if they do something good:well, it feels like it is almost accidental. Once they make the move down to the farm in Aberdeen where I can step up their work a bit an amazing transformation occurs.  It is as if they finally believe that their life has changed and their minds become much more business-like. I get their attention, and they are SPONGES. I think it has a ton to do with the relaxed atmosphere, and the heaps of hacking out we do. To them, it is so much more like fun and much less like work.

Jersey is a delight to ride and seriously one of the nicest horses I’ve ever sat on. And I’ve sat on a few nice ones.   I originally rode him in a nathe – I do that with a lot of the CANTER horses since it is not uncommon for them to be a bit hard in the mouth and stiff through their necks and polls, not to mention they have no idea why I’m asking them to push into the bit, but not go faster!

He was good in the nathe but it was just too thick for his precious little mouth and I decided to put him in a plain old D-ring snaffle.. something that would slide around a little more in his mouth, but was still pretty mild. WHAT a difference! Suddenly he became very steady in the bridle, still very soft, in fact I have to be careful he doesn’t curl – but he’s way steadier, which has allowed him to get stronger through his topline, through his back and holy crap so lovely to ride!  TICKTICKTICK is how he trots =like a metronome, a big step, his back swings, and it is impossible not to smile. ( shocking! I know!) If I can’t keep him for my self he will go only to the most special of homes. (doesn’t hurt to mention that when I gave him a full body clip today so he looks as fabulous as he IS – he stood like a gentleman for it! )

This is Jersey the very first time I rode him in November: you can see the lovely movement but he’s not through and using his back… yet…

And here he was yesterday:

He’s so much stronger through his back – not to mention a sexy topline is now visible! WHEW did I mention I love him? I think I might have…

If you haven’t already – please read Allie’s account of the new horses at the farm in Cameron. (the blog post before this one) Not only is it funny and spot-on – she shares her usual amazing pictures!

Mazzie is making leaps and bounds in her training. I get up to Cameron at least 4-5 times a week and she is loving having a job! She’s really turned a corner strength-wise and and maturity-wise, too . No more squealing for her friend Lady Wheaton who basically runs around in protest of her friend being ridden, or she organizes the other fillies in the field and they stand like a group of “Heathers” judging the action. Mazzie is a serious butter ball – only 15. 2 or 15.3 at the moment –but at “just” turning 4 years old she has a TON of growing to do. Her mind is awesome and quiet but physically she is pretty much a baby – her withers are not present at ALL! I feel like my saddle is strapped to a barrel! Any extra weight on one stirrup and I’ll slide off the side of her! Check out the picture of Mazzie that Allie took on Sunday. Adorable! She’s going to end up a lot bigger than we thought I think. She is just starting to jump and will be super easy and keen!

Vida – Super Vida (formerly called Rita) is growing up too. She ‘s been hacking out a bunch and doing  some flatwork, too.  Her back end is getting strong and she’s able to carry herself more and more each day and is “getting” the idea of going on the bit. She is SO pretty, and very fancy – I could definitely see her cleaning up in the Hunter Ring or as an Eventer, or the cutest pony club horse EVER. She just needs the right person to take her to the next level. She did flatwork yesterday and her lateral work is getting better – by that I mean when I ask her to move to the left – she actually moves LEFT instead of pushing INTO my right leg! Today she went on a hack by herself and I never picked up the reins. On the buckle the whole time.

Burgiss is an adorable just turned 4 year old gelding by Muktadim. ( if you know how to pronounce that name please tell me! ) I’ve ridden another horse by this stallion and Burgiss has the same gorgeous face, uphill build and athletic movement that I remember. He was very quiet for his first ride, but he’s a gorgeous mover, and I am really looking forward to getting him going and seeing him become a great Event horse. He’s about 16 hands now, but I think he’ll get a bit bigger. His second ride today was short and sweet – just trotting  and starting the very beginning of bending which at this stage of the game is hard for him. He needs a lot of strength but early indications are that he is going to “get it” pretty quick. – when he finally stretched down you could feel his whole body relax and swing. I love it when that happens! Someone better snatch this boy up quick!

Tommy is one of the ones that just came off the track a month or so ago – they came down here to enjoy some TLC and warmer weather (well, before last week anyway! ) He’s packed on weight and now its time to add some muscle to his adorable frame. He’s a compact model, a gorgeous bay with a huge star and snip (I love a snip!) Another no nonsense boy who will be very happy to have a job. His second ride today was great. He is quiet but is going to be a great horse for a rider who likes an athletic partner. True to his name (Wild Dixie Cat) he is going to be a quick and agile sporthorse.

Monster was started by Jessica Morthole up in Delaware and she did an AWESOME job with this young and GROWING boy! He needed some time to grow up so he came down here for us to continue his training and show him to our friends in NC. He was fantastic for my first ride on him. We turned him out in the ring to just watch him move around and play and PLAY he did! Allie got some amazing pictures of him busting his moves – athletic doesn’t begin to describe him! Acrobatic is more like it! He’s a BIG boy – in body AND mind – and has the movement to go with it. Today he did a little bit of w-t-c just to get our routine established. This horse could go and do anything!

Please let us know if you’re interested in any of these young, beautiful and talented horses – you KNOW you are!

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2 Responses to They grow up so fast!

  1. splishsplashriding says:

    LOVE Sonrea! If I was in a position to get him straight off the track I would have! Good luck to his new mom!

    And Jersey looks fabulous!

    Ashlea and Splash

    • suzannekonefal says:

      Thanks Ashlea – He was one of our favorites and we’re delighted he’s “local” so we continue to see the CUTENESS! Jersey IS fabulous, thanks! I’ve started getting on the new ones and they are all lovely!

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