It’s the New Year!

Jester taking it all in

Ok, so it’s been the New Year for a few weeks now, but it seems like life is just one big whirlwind lately.  Thankfully Suzanne has been keeping everybody up to date on the goings-ons down here in the Sandhills of North Carolina.

When I started this blog, I had every intention of being a regular participant–weaving the day to day operations of what it takes to run a Thoroughbred rehoming group, combined with the big thoughts I have about horse life in general.  Turns out the job, life and running the program takes all of my free time.  I’m re-committed though, rest-assured!

So, the program here continues to mature every day.  We started out very slowly and small, and now have a bonafide “program” in place.  The horses are all doing well and we are selling them into new homes on a very regular basis.  Without much in the way of advertising, we are also making quite a name for ourselves and regularly hear the phrase “I hear you’re the people to talk to for nice thoroughbreds!”. We love that!

Recently as Suzanne mentioned, we sold a bunch of horses–Remda, Tarzan, Sonny to name a few.  This made room for some new horses and they are such a quality bunch! Today we went up to show the farm and it’s residents to some friends and Suzanne climbed on a bunch of the newbies.  I played–as my role has now evolved into–horse fetcher, holder, tacker-upper and hold-stiller-while-getting-onner.  I am good at this job.  After so many years of plugging along at getting one horse at a time retrained, Suzanne and I have quite a machine of multiple horses going! Ok, Suzanne has them going, I just write the checks, pray for donations and take the pictures 🙂

Ok, enough rambling–I’ll get to the fun stuff–the pictures!

Burgiss is cute!

Burgiss was donated out after failing miserably at Racehorse 101.  With three races under his belt and a whopping $650 in the kitty, he was sent to CANTER after convincing the trainer that racing was no fun and he would rather sit around and smell the roses.  His manhood was chopped from his body and he was officially retired.  Since those three races, he hadn’t been ridden at all, and today he was a STAR! this is going to be a lovely horse for someone who wants an easy but athletic, solid guy.  He needs some muscle and strength, but all the right instincts are there.


Hey Ya’ll! Meet Tommy!  this little guy is Fayyyynnnceeeeee!  He’s so new he’s not even on our site yet.  He’s a four year old who is super quiet, happy to be around people, and such a pretty mover.  He’s another who is very weak behind, but he’ll come along quick.  Watch for updates on this cutiepie!



Monster picks up where he left off

Moving on, we stuck Suzanne up on Monster who was up at Jessica’s place over the summer, but went through a major growth spurt so we kicked him out with the herd for a while so he could even out.  Well, he evened up, AND OUT! OMG is he fat.  Didn’t miss a beat though, and clocked around the ring like a professional. Did I mention we have a nice lineup of horses or WHAT!?

But wait! There’s more!

Jester is not quite ready for work

We brought Jester out to see how he was doing.  Lovely type and BIG! and pleasant, and sweet, and polite.  He just got his shoes pulled so he was doing his best imitation of a cripply horse, so he’ll get some more time off until he is feeling up to a job.

I should have taken a video for before/after because it is so unbelievably drastic.  Next time 🙂




Mazzey was next, and ohmigooooodness!  Which tiny person do we know that needs one of these?  I mean, do they GET CUTER!?

Mazzey corners the market on cute

And she jumps!

Ok, believe it or not I’ve got MORE horses! But I must end this before I fall over from the tired. I’ll be back, I promise! And we’ll get Suzanne to tell us all about riding these guys.


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2 Responses to It’s the New Year!

  1. Emily says:

    Such nice looking horses. Suzanne, can I ask how tall you are, so I can get an idea of how big each of these horses are?

    • suzannekonefal says:

      Hi Emily
      I’m 5′ 10″.
      Just let us know if you want any info on a particular horse.
      Keep in mind they are 3-5 year olds, and GROW like weeds! Its not uncommon for them to an inch or two to their height (and girth!) at this stage! 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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