If you’re like me, life seemed to speed up like crazy in the last few weeks. I blame it on my bad reaction to Daylight Savings Time, of which I am NOT a big fan – for the first week I put my pajamas on at 6:30 – I’m not kidding. It is such a weird adjustment!

In other awesome news….!

Rocket went to the best EVER forever home we could have imagined ! Seriously I honestly couldn’t be happier if I were twins! Congratulations to Wendy from Winston-Salem for her gorgeous new member of the family ! This event- Rocket going to his new home –touched us all so much – it really hits home the REASON that we all work doing what we do- this is the icing on the cake.  It is a joy to know a horse with a sad history comes through and gets a forever home with such a loving family. It’s the classic hero story.  Go Rocket!

If you know me (and maybe even if you don’t), then you’ve been informed MANY times that the CANTER mid-Atlantic online auction is on NOW!!!  Check it out here: There are tons of things to bid on = from baked goods, to art pieces to tack and lessons from a veritable who’s who of big name horse trainers and riders! Thank you to everyone involved – Kelly has worked her butt off getting it pulled together!

AND we even made it onto the pages of the very cool Eventing Nation – as well as the USEA website! Go us!

In the meantime – and I’m promising here.. I’m going to buy a new little camera so I can post pictures of the cuteness we have in Cameron.  I’ve started 4 horses in training – Remda, Wheatie, Sonny and Jersey – Sonny is down with us in Aberdeen turned out with Tippy. They are all very well behaved so far – I don’t  ever anticipate that they won’t be! More about these lovely horses next time – which will be SOON!

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