Rocket and Tarzan and Jersey, Oh MY!

I’m finally pulling all my little pieces of paper and snippets together to write it all down -So much goes on I have trouble writing about it before something ELSE happens!  But I’ll try anyway..We’ll just we have to go back a few days…

Last week we checked out the babies up in Cameron – I test drove Jersey and Tarzan and they were both very good!

This was the first time either had been ridden since coming off the track at LEAST 3 months ago. As usual we insist on at least that long for them to be turned out so they can remember how to be horses, completely relax, let down and give them the chance to tell US when they’re ready for a new job!  So it is ALL new to them.

Once Allie gives me a leg up they are all business really.  They just have NO idea whats going on or what I want from them. That’s the “clean slate” feeling I’ve talked about. The steering isn’t quite there, and some of them don’t know what “the leg” means. They’re all a little different though, and these two were no exception.

Jersey is a very cute 4 year old bay gelding – he’s about 15. 3 -16 hands.  A very cute build and an adorable face complete this little package!  He already moves great and when he gets strong and figures out how fun it is he will be A-MAAAAYYY-zing! Talk about cocky- he got visibly puffed up because he can haz a job soon!  But don’t get me wrong – I  got winded trying to get him to GO!  I can’t lie to ya -He’s going to be seriously cute.

Tarzan is a handsome big chestnut who – until I got on him actually acted a big fool, running around .. trying to buck.. ahem ::).. He needs to relax in his back a bit so he, too, can learn that YES HE CAN take a big step! He is so sensible, uphill and balanced already. As with many horses right off the track, he’s a bit tight in his back, and a little bit inverted. But he picked up both leads: he gave me the feeling someone took their time with him when he was first started.

Such personalities! So cute! I love how sensible they are – its going to be super easy to get them going – their good attitudes are half the battle! It’s amazing how different they will feel from now 0n – the first ride is usually nothing like the ride after it.. and so on.

Rocket: I’ve been working on getting him to trot – and to really step out – his gaits had been sort of manufactured… with very little adjustability.. not shorter, not longer.. one size stride fits all.. I KNOW there is a bigger step in there so we go on nice trots through the woods and he’s really starting to trust his balance – and the fact that he won’t get slammed in the mouth – and is opening up his shoulder, letting go of his back and getting some good ol’ suspension going on! wahoooo!

Aaaaannnd….just when you fall in love a little bit things totally change! (for the better!) Stay tuned…

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