Introductions to the Inaugural Crew

What we have here, people, is a farm full a Thoroughbreds! Ok, well, two farms full of thoroughbreds.  I thought I’d introduce our readers to the current residents.

Tater (find more on the “about Tater” page) is one of our newest into the retraining program.  He was donated by his caring owner and trainer at Charles Town racetrack, after he was unable to find an appropriate home.  How this cutieface didn’t find an immediate home, I do not know. “I Yam a Mandate” is a 4 year old with 20 starts under his belt including 1 win, and 1 place.  Our first trail ride showed exactly how uncompetitive he was and is a clear case of “well, that was fun, but is there more to life?” Stay tuned for his training blog posts.

Cecil is a self-fancier

Cecil, another horse in our retraining project, is going to be one fabulous *anything* for someone.  He is the polar opposite of Tater as far as racing careers go.  He is a stakes winner of nearly $400,000 and knows he is one fancy dude.

We just started him in some work and not only does he love having a job again, he is taking it like a fish to water.

Find out more about Cecil on the “About Cecil” page, and stay tuned for more information about his training progress.

Our layup lineup includes several other fabulous horses who we’ll profile shortly!

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