We’re Here!

About 4 years ago, I fell in love with the Southern Pines area.  The sand, the pines, the tepid winter weather–Love! Added bonus of being able to drive 5 miles and get there in under an hour AND the Moss Foundation? Is there a better place on earth? I might say that there is not, at least if you love horses as we all do.

After living in the general DC and Baltimore area my entire life, my fiance and I picked up and moved to my dream–a horse farm of our very own.

Soon it was really evident how many folks down here truly love and appreciate the ex-racehorse, so the next logical step was finding a farm and creating a southern CANTER location–a place where some of our horses would be able to move in order to find homes for even more horses.  This will be the blog about that journey, and about the journey of retraining these racehorses and finding them new homes.  We’re so happy to be here, and cannot wait to show everybody just how fabulous a CANTER Horse is!

Thanks for the warm Welcome,


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  1. Charlene Fogerty says:

    Allie, It was really great to meet you and Suzanne at the BWP Insp. in Prosperity on Fri. I would love to get more info on your Canter program, Just a little about my background… At 16 I started grooming and galloping TBs at Suffolk Downs and Rockingham Park, I married a Trainer and when kids came into the home I did layups at my farm, as well as train and show pleasure and trail horses. Later when I moved to Gainesville Fl area, I bought , retrained and sold them to using homes, I was also an Equine Vet Tech at the Univ. of Fla Vet school, as a vet tech I worked with all breeds in the barns, foal unit and surgery. and did rehab work at my farm, where the Dr.s sent the horses to me before sending them home, While with me they were still receiving med. attention and meds. but in a farm environment before the final trip back home or the racetrack. I would love to be involved again in this type of work. as well as poss. fundraising, and finding you I do believe was meant to be. any info you could give me would be great, hopefully I will be able to stop by your farm and see what you are doing, Thanks so much Charlene Fogerty

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